PhD Positions

I'm looking for bright students that wish to pursue a PhD to join my group in the department of Computer Science at Stevens Institute of Technology. I work closely with all my students on various projects in the area of software systems and security. Stevens is a great place to do impactful research in the USA.

Joining the PhD program does not require an MS degree and students can start in the fall or spring. All PhD students are fully funded, including their tuition and a generous stipend. Stevens faculty and students consistently publish in top research venues, offering the unique opportunity to perform cutting-edge research just 15 minutes from New York City.

Stevens undergrad and MS students

If you are a Stevens undergraduate or graduate student interested in doing some research with me, you can do so for credit towards your degree through courses CS-497-S and CS-800-S. Make sure to contact me before you attempt to enroll.

I occasionally support students with a stipend, but this usually includes students that have done exceptionally good in a related course (for example, systems security, operating systems, compiler construction, etc.), or students that have already done some research for me for credit.

Stevens also provides multiple opportunities for summer research to undergraduate students. Priority will be given to students that have already done some work with during the academic year.